These links are to articles and editorials in the local press about the Hub.

July 4, 2017, article: Flagstaff torn over student housing, impact on infrastructure
May 8, 2017, editorial: The Hub: An unwanted cog in the machine of change
May 7, 2017, article: No Hub appeal expected
Apr. 29, 2017, letter: Hub decision: Chicanery, not justice
Apr. 23, 2017, article: Judge denies Hub appeal
Apr. 12, 2017, opinion: Response, Students are not the problem
Mar. 24, 2017, editorial: Should new gas station serve Foxglenn needs?
Mar. 20, 2017, article: Hub construction blocks road without permission
Mar. 14, 2017, article: "Hub South" stirs up University of Arizona neighbors
Mar. 14, 2017, editorial: Students are not the problem with housing: They're the scapegoats
Feb. 25, 2017, article: Hub loses first round in court
Feb. 24, 2017, article: Judge denies dismissal motion in appeal of Hub
Feb. 23, 2017, article: Judge lets the Hub appeal move forward
Jan. 9, 2017, article: Flagstaff Council takes on transect zoning
Dec. 24, 2016, article: 2016 in Review: The Hub saga moves to court
Nov. 22, 2016, editorial: To improve on student housing, plan to negotiate
Nov. 22, 2016, article: Flagstaff residents want stricter limits on student housing
Oct. 30, 2016, article: Mayoral candidates at odds over defining issues
Oct. 7, 2016, guest editorial: Stand Up — for Flagstaff's sense of place
Oct. 6, 2016, article: Student and Flagstaff issues focus of upcoming Mayoral forum
Sept. 17, 2016, article: Hub opponents file complaint in superior court
Aug. 28, 2016, candidate questionnaire: On the Hub and citizen participation
Aug. 25, 2016, article: Flagstaff group continues year-long battle against housing complex
Aug. 19, 2016, article: Construction could begin on Hub in fall
Aug. 18, 2016; article: Flagstaff Board of Adjustment denies Hub appeal
July 17, 2016: editorial: Get Flagstaff's act together before the next Hub
July 17, 2016, letter to editor: Growth cost more than it returns
July 10, 2016, candidate questionnaire: What should be done on high occupancy student housing?
July 2, 2016, article: Flagstaff Council has 17 candidates for board hearing Hub appeal
July 1, 2016, article: Developer razes buildings in preparation for the Hub
June 21, 2016, article: Group appeals approval of Hub 2.0
June 8, 2016, article: City Staff OK's Hub 2.0
May 22, 2016, letter to editor: Enforce form-based zoning for Hub
May 15, 2016, article: Attorney: Hub still not meeting Flagstaff zoning requirements
Apr. 7, 2016, guest editorial: Revisit zoning code in Flagstaff before next Hub
Apr. 3, 2016, letter to editor: Transect zoning needs more scrutiny
Mar. 31, 2016, guest editorial: Who We Are and Why We Are Opposing the Hub
Mar. 29, 2016, letter to editor: Reject Hub Because Place Does Matter
Mar. 27, 2016, letter to editor: Rezoned Hub Plan Was Better
Mar. 27, 2016, letter to editor: Why Aren’t Vision, Rules In Sync?
Mar. 23, 2016, article: Hub Regroups After Rezoning Bid Nixed
Mar. 23, 2016, article: NAU Responds to Questions About the Hub
Mar. 22, 2016, article: Hub Rezoning Fails, Smaller Project Up Next
Mar. 22, 2016, article: Core Campus Offers to Reduce Hub Beds by 32
Mar. 22, 2016, article: The Hub's complex re-zoning fails in Flagstaff's City Council
Mar. 20, 2016, article: Appeal of Hub staff approval rejected by city as untimely
Mar. 20, 2016, article: The Hub Gets Mixed Reviews Nationwide
Mar. 20, 2016, article: Hub Seen As Disruptive Force
Mar. 20, 2016, letter to editor: Most Comments Oppose the Hub
Mar. 20, 2016, letter to editor: Hold Nose On Hub and Vote Yes
Mar. 14, 2016, article: Is There A Plan C for the Hub?
Mar. 13, 2016, letter to editor: Council Owes Southside More Protection
Mar. 13, 2016, editorial: Who Will Jumpstart an Informed Conversation on Growth
Mar. 13, 2016, article: Do current zoning laws represent the interests of Flagstaff communities?
Mar. 12, 2016, letter to editor: Scale Development to Flagstaff Values
Mar. 10, 2016, article: Hub Supermajority Petition Approved
Mar. 2, 2016, article: NAU Should Step Up to Plate On Housing
Mar. 2, 2016, article: Hub Wins First Round at Flagstaff City Council
Mar. 1, 2016, article: The Hub On Tonight’s Council Agenda
Feb. 28, 2016, article: Vote to Rezone Hub Will Set Up Clash
Feb. 28, 2016, article: Finding Middle Ground On Hub Difficult
Feb. 23, 2016, article: Appeal Slams Hub as Violating Southside Zoning
Feb. 23, 2016, article: Hub Backs Off Renting By Bed
Feb. 23, 2016, article: Full Text of Bill Ring Appeal Letter on Hub
Feb. 18, 2016, article: The Hub May Require Super Majority Council Vote
Feb. 17 2016, article: Council chambers filled to capacity during student housing discussion
Feb. 16, 2016, article: Flagstaff Council Takes On The Hub Starting Tuesday
Feb. 14, 2016, article: New Rankings for Most Dangerous Intersections
Feb. 12, 2016, editorial: Protect Public Engagement In Housing, Traffic Challenges
Feb. 4, 2016, article: P&Z Backs the Hub with Additional Parking
Jan. 24, 2016, letter to editor: The Hub Symbolizes Failed Visioning
Jan. 21, 2016, article: Student housing plans in "Historic Southside" inspire citizen activism
Jan. 14, 2016 article: Skeptical P&Z Postpones Rezoning Decision On The Hub
Dec. 23, 2015, article: Parking Shortage at the Hub Draws Concern
Dec. 18, 2015, article: Neighborhood Meeting on the Hub
Oct. 30, 2015, article: Panels Recommend Student Housing Compatibility
May 28, 2015, guest editorial: Massive Student Housing Project Wrong for Southside
Apr. 15, 2015, article: New Student Housing Project Planned for Southside
Oct. 29, 2014, article: Student Housing Done Right—in Colorado
May 8, 2014, article: Flagstaff City Council to Tackle Student Housing